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Monday night, September 9, begins Rosh Ha’Shanah, the Jewish New Year. The Jewish New Year is different from other New Year celebrations. It is not a festive time, but a time for deep contemplation. The New Year begins on the first day of the seventh month on the Biblical calendar. Placed exactly in the middle of the year, it acts as a scale, reminding us to look back at what has occurred and to look forward to new hopes and dreams. It is a time for new beginnings and for the correction of past errors. It reminds us that none of us is G-d, that we all make mistakes, and it awakens us not to what was, but to what can be. To place you in the right frame of mind for the holiday here are some thoughts and meditations.

“The blessing over the blowing of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah refers to the mitzvah as “hearing the voice of the Shofar,” but since that voice speaks without words, the message that is heard depends a great deal on who is doing the listening.” – Douglas Aronin

“On Rosh Hashanah we are aware that God is judging us. But God is truly judging us every moment of every day. It is only on Rosh Hashanah that we, as a people, pause to reflect on this phenomenon.” – Michael Mascolo

“During Rosh Hashanah, Jewish people ask God for forgiveness for the things we’ve done wrong during the past year. We also remind ourselves not to repeat these mistakes in the coming year. In this way, Rosh Hashanah is an opportunity to improve ourselves. It’s a holiday that helps us to become better people.” – Tori Avey

“No single article can capture the paradox of Rosh Hashanah, much less explain it. To understand Rosh Hashanah, we need to experience it — spend those hours praying in shul, hear the shofar’s hundred notes, dip the apple in honey and eat the tzimmes.” – Yanki Tauber

“Rosh Hashanah isn’t just about being new, it’s about a change.” – Max Levis

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