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Rosh Ha’Shanah providedus with an opportunity to take an inventory of our own lives and our relationships with others. Tomorrow night as the sun sets Yom Kippur enters into our lives.  Yom Kippur demands of us that we to turn to G-d, that we realize that each of us is a mere mortal, and asks us to seek G-d’s forgiveness for our failures and sins.  Below is a list of actions about which each of us needs to contemplate and consider.  As you think about your past year we hope that your fast be not only be easy but also meaningful and filled with a sense of spirituality and humility.

On Yom Kippur it is traditional to think about our failures. During the day think about these failures. Try to be totally honest with yourselves.  Here are some things to consider:

Answer these questions in the privacy of your thoughts.


Have I lied this year?

Did I distort facts or manipulate my words and those of other people?

Did I pass judgment without knowing the facts?

Did I deceive others and yourself with half-truths?

Did I use other people’s failings to justify my own faults?

Did I do what I wanted to do without regard to others?

Did I use other people as mere instruments to satisfy my own needs?

How have I been selfish and/or self-serving?

Have I committed malicious gossip?

In any aspect of life have I been gluttonous?

Did we act in an arrogant or superior manner?

Do I demand one form of behavior for others and another form for myself?

Have I failed my family and friends?

How do I heal the hurts that I have committed?

What do I hope to do differently in this new year?

How have I lied to myself when I answered these questions?


During your fast, try to take the time to think about each of these questions and how G’d might judge your answers.  May 5778 be a good year for each of you!

Our Best Wishes for an Easy and Meaningful Fast

We send out deepest prayers to all those who continue to suffer in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and in Mexico.

Hold the date! Our next conference for the Center for Latino – Jewish relations will be on Oct. 23 in McAllen, Texas. The host hotel is the  Centro de  The Hotel Cambria Hotel in the  McAllen Convention Center on Ware Road.

For more information and online registration please contact Mrs. Nydia Gonzales or go to our website:  All information for the McAllen conference is now online.

Speakers include:

Celina Vásquez
Peter Tarlow
Jacob Monty
Idan Schwartz

Youtubes for Yom Kippur

Kol Nidre interpreted by Itzhak Perlman and Meir Helfgot:

The 13th century classic: Unetanef Tokef; Interpetado por Dudu Fisher:

V’Al Culam sung by the Moscow Male Choir:

and finally:

In the hope that the year 5778 will be a good year for all of us: a prayer designed by artists from around the world in song and dance: