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Latest Parashah

November 9, 2018 – Toldot

The name of this week’s Parashah (Torah portion) is “Toldot,” and you will find it in the Book of Genesis 25:19-28:9. Toldot literally means “generations” although the word is often used to express the idea of “history” Perhaps the best translation (or at least my favorite) is “generations come and go”. Traditionally many scholars have… View Article

November 1, 2018 – Chaye-Sarah

You will find this week’s Torah portion, Chaye-Sarah in the book of Genesis 23:1-25:18. Its name is one of the more ironic titles. Called “Chaye-Sarah meaning the “Life of Sarah” it provides details of Israel’s first matriarch’s death and burial. Having “buried” Sarah the text moves onto her “replacement”. Rebecca will now become Israel’s second… View Article

October 25, 2018 – VaYera

This week’s parashah is one of world history’s great literary vignettes.  In the parashah, everything in it is open to interpretation, and nothing in it seems as it really is.  We can study this week’s parashah forever and still not know it.  To add to its literary mystery, the Hebrew used is so profound that… View Article